Jerdine Nolen
Plantzilla Goes to Camp
David Catrow, illustrator
Paula Wiseman Books
Simon & Schuster, 2006
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  Plantzilla Goes to Camp


Mortimer Henryson is thrilled when he is finally accepted by Camp Wannaleaveee, his father's childhood sleepaway camp. Until he reads the camp rule: NO PETS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED!

It breaks Mortimer's heart to leave his beloved Plantzilla behind. And then at camp, Mortimer discovers that the horrible, much-feared bully Bulford Whipland is his roommate. Does Plantzilla have a plan to watch over his friend and save the day?

Friendship and true devotion conquer all in this charmingly madcap picture book by best-loved team of Jerdine Nolen and David Catrow. Everyone should have a friend like Plantzilla--why not adopt a plant of your own


“Plantzilla and his friend, Mortimer Henryson, are back with another far-out adventure. Here, Mortimer is at Wannaleavee, the summer camp his father attended as a boy. He finds that he especially misses his plant when he meets bully Bulford Whipland, son of his fathers old nemesis. With Mortimer’s parents gone on vacation, Plantzilla dresses in disguise and boards the bus for camp in order to watch over his little buddy. The story is told through letters, mainly from Mortimer, and would not be complete without Catrow’s humorous and exaggerated illustrations done in lush watercolors and pencil. Sprawling plant tendrils wrap around Bulford at the campfire as the kids toast marshmallows. Children would benefit from reading an introduction to these fine characters in Plantzilla (Harcourt, 2002). Even without it, though, they will enjoy poring over the pictures time and time again, noticing nuances in the panoramic scenes not discovered previously. A fine purchase where the first book is popular.” (Blair Christolon, Prince William Public Library System, Manassas, VA, School Library Journal)

“It's ALIVE! But don't worry; this isn't The Little Shop of Horrors, and Plantzilla, young Mortimer's much-loved pet plant, is no Audrey II. Mortimer's acceptance at summer camp creates a dilemma, as camp doesn't allow pets. Mortimer goes to camp anyway, enjoying everything except his bullying bunk mate, Bulford. In the meantime, Plantzilla dons a disguise, sneaks off to camp, and puts the bully in his place. The story is slightly choppy: the text is relayed in the form of letters, memos, and Post-its® placed on double-page spreads filled to overflowing with brightly colored watercolor illustrations. … children who know the supersize plant from its first appearance, in Plantzilla (2002), will find this a lively new adventure, with an abundance of humorous visual details.” (Randall Enos, Booklist)

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